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Snapping Hip Syndrome

Sosyal Medya:

What is Snapping Hip Syndrome?

Sometimes referred to as dancer’s hip, it is a condition in which you hear or feel a cracking or crackling sound when walking, running, getting up from a chair, or swinging your leg. For most people, the condition is little more than a nuisance and the only symptom is the clicking sound or the sensation itself. But for dancers or athletes, it can also cause pain and weakness that interferes with performance. It may originate from the iliotibial band, the iliopsoas tendon, or the Rectus femoris tendon.

What are the Treatment Options for Snapping Hip Syndrome?

Unless snapping hip syndrome is painful or causes difficulty in sports or other activities, many people do not see a doctor or seek treatment.

For mild aches, try home treatments such as:

• Restricting or changing the activity

• Cold application

• Over-the-counter pain relievers can be used

For more severe pain or pain that does not improve with home treatment, see your doctor. Physical therapy with an emphasis on stretching, strengthening, and alignment can often help. Sometimes treatment with an injection of corticosteroids to the area can relieve the inflammation. In rare cases, your doctor may recommend surgery.