Doç.Dr. Serdar Hakan Başaran


What is Femoroacebular Compression (Impregnation) Syndrome? Femoroacetabular Compression, or sometimes simply diagnosed as Hip Compression, is a condition in which abnormal contact and friction of

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Hip Avascular Necrosis

Hip Avascular Necrosis ( Femur Head Aseptic Necrosis)? Bones are living tissues, and like all living tissue, they rely on blood-bringing blood vessels to keep

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Hip Calcification

What are the Symptoms of Hip Calcification (Coxarthrosis)? Pain is usually one of the first symptoms in the diagnosis of hip osteoarthritis or coxarthrosis. This

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Hip Pain

What Are the Causes of Hip Pain? There are many causes of hip joint pain. Some hip pain is temporary, while other hip pain can

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